Reference: HBR

Brand: Terra Nostra

Vegan Beetroot Burgers

VEGAN BEETROOT BURGERS 2Ud. 160g. The protein necessary for good health and a balanced diet. Strictly plant-based vegan foods without eggs,. Enjoy the unique experience of Hamburger.

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Discover the authentic taste of chocolate. Clavileño

Discover the authentic taste of chocolate. The experience accumulated and transmitted over many generations by the master chocolatiers.

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Reference: XCP

Brand: Chocolates Clavileño

100% Pure Chocolate

We present our most successful reference of Chocolates Clavileño. Pure cocoa 100% defatted in powder, without added sugars, without gluten, in a 250 gr pot. Perfect for making your favorite desserts without extra calories, adapted to your fit lifestyle but without giving up the best flavor of artisan chocolate.

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Reference: XC70L

Brand: Chocolates Clavileño

Chocolate Cacao 70% and Lemon

70% cocoa chocolate with lemon, no added sugar, gluten free. The freshness of the lemon added to the cocoa makes this chocolate something unique. An artisan product made with love so that you can enjoy it at any time and place. 100gr tablet.

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