Reference: HBR

Brand: Terra Nostra

Vegan Beetroot Burgers

VEGAN BEETROOT BURGERS 2Ud. 160g. The protein necessary for good health and a balanced diet. Strictly plant-based vegan foods without eggs,. Enjoy the unique experience of Hamburger.

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exotic vegetables
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Exotic Vegetable Snack


70g bags. Kitu Exotic Vegetable Snacks Natural gluten-free products, they do not contain trans fats or transgenic vegetables. Without preservatives or colorants as well as being low in salt and without added sugars.



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Kitu Snack has the following quality certifications:

Kosher | V-Label (vegan) | Gluten Free (gluten free) | NON GMO (GMO free) All products are free of all 14 food allergens. Without transgenics, without trans fats, without preservatives or dyes, low in salt, without added sugars, free of allergens.

Ingredients: Banana 23%, White Carrot 15%, Yucca 15%, Purple Sweet Potato 11% Beet 9%, Salt 1%, Sunflower Oil 26%

Energy Value  2209KJ/528Kcal
Fat  26g. 
Saturated fatty acids   4g.
Carbohydrates  67g.
Sugars  7g. 
Protein  3g.
Fiber  6,2g.
Salt  0,35g.
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