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Reference: QU

Brand: Eatlean Cheeses

High Protein Spread Cheese

Spread Cheese. Your usual Protein Cheese but in a more comfortable format to prepare your favorite fitness dishes. If you like fitness foods, you will love our line of protein cheeses, free of sugars and fats. We invite you to try this Eatlean UNTABLE 150g protein cheese.

Price €3.99

Reference: CRAV

Brand: Delicatalia Natural

Bio Hazelnut cream

Product packed in a 225g glass jar. Cream made with high quality organic hazelnuts with 100% foot to obtain the maximum of its properties. 100% natural and pure. Antioxidant Vitamin E, Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium. Oleic acid, folic acid and zinc.

Price €8.53

Reference: CRC

Brand: Delicatalia Natural

Bio Peanut butter

Roasted peanut product from organic farming. In 225g glass container. closed to the vacuum and with protection of seal in cover. We do not add salt or oils. That is why you will need less than other creams that mix them with other oils to make them softer, creamier.

Price €3.70

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